Installation of any new fire door set will be by one of our qualified installers ensuring correct tolerances are achieved to ensure full and proper performance of the fire door set on completion of the installation.

As in all fire safety systems, well-tested products can easily be compromised by poor installation.  Precise and audited installations to a third party accredited standard are essential elements of modern passive fire protection. Installation of fire doors is as life-critical as the product specification and should only be carried out by specifically trained installers.

Our installations and own supplied products meet the building regulations:

 Part B - Volume 1 - Fire Safety in Dwelling Houses 

Volume 2 - Fire Safety In Buildings Other Than Dwelling Houses

Building Regulations Part Q - Security 

Building Regulations Part L - Energy and Fuel Conservation

On completion of our installations, a BM-Trada Q-Mark certificate will be issued.


We can offer an inspection and general maintenance program for your buildings fire doors ensuring correct gaps between door leaf and frame are maintained. All ironmongery is correctly and securely fitted and operating correctly, signage is maintained appropriately, and where damage has occurred either repair or replace as appropriate. Maintenance record sheets to be maintained and updated at each service period and recommendations of the period between inspections and maintenance for each door location to be discussed and agreed with the responsible person for the building.